About Us

BFab enables customers worldwide to express themselves via fashion and design and choose a more sustainable way of living. We create value for people and society as a whole by giving our customers what they want and focusing on growing in a way that is both profitable and sustainable.

BFAB (be fabulous) is a part of BTC Fashion, a great new online marketplace to serve the Middle East. With expertise in identifying the gaps in the fashion world, we offer our customers unbeatable value with the best combination of fashion, quality, price, and sustainability. BFab's expansion is taking place with a focus on increased online sales. The objective is to give customers more choice online that precisely matches the tastes and styles of the audience.


To create clothing that is durable.

When properly cared for, we aspire to offer clothing that is well-constructed, incredibly well-fitting, and that, ideally, improves with age. 

Individually, our ideals may appear self-evident. But when they are combined, our distinctive business culture emerges. Our values inform who we are, what we stand for, and how we conduct ourselves.


Mainly sell clothes and things for the home.

Designed for younger people in the mass market who already shop online.

Be country-specific to make sure the customer gets the best service and licensed range possible.

Be focused on technology, giving customers as many ways to pay and shop as possible that are right for each country, and be able to build the site quickly with our pool of talented consultants.

With our many delivery options, we can speed up delivery times. Direct delivery to the customer's home within 3 days.