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How to Find your Style Aesthetic

Aesthetics is far too well known these days, and it has taken over our lives in a big way. Everything has to appear as beautiful as possible, including our cuisine, our home design, and our Instagram profile. Your visual style of expression is your aesthetic. A person who is drawn to a certain aesthetic may have a sense of style, a preference for interior design, a favourite medium, or a blog with visual elements that are comparable to that aesthetic.

A wide variety of aesthetics, from cooler-specific to food-focused, are now readily available. Anything under the sun has the potential to be beautiful. Because it's easier to copy than to develop, there are many pre-existing aesthetics that are often imitated. That is why fresh aesthetics are so uncommon.

Let's examine a couple of existing aesthetics first

Bucket Hats

It's safe to say that adorable bucket hats have just returned to the fashion scene and are in vogue. Everyone, from celebrities to models, is sporting a bucket hat. Without a bucket hat, no Gen Z child ensemble is finished. They were a significant fashion fad in the early 2000s, and they've recently returned with a fresh, contemporary spin. So include them in your outfit and join the trend!

Wide-leg jeans

To fit the present generation image, flared jeans are typically worn with t-shirt crop tops and wide neck tops. The trend of flared pants has been around for a while and appears to be here to stay. Now that skinny jeans are officially out, we can say hello to these much cozier and fashionable pairs of bottoms. These attractive and entertaining bottoms are making a big comeback for casual, dressy, and even professional attire.

Rounded sunglasses

A timeless pair of vintage sunglasses is a requirement for any aesthetic. These sunglasses will be the ideal finishing touch for your ruffle top and flared pants or your oversized sweater and tennis skirts. The large glasses explosion of the 2000s inspired these wide, rectangular sunglasses, which were once gaudy but are now back in style.


There isn't a better option for footwear than a cozy pair of chunky sneakers that can improve your complete appearance. I'll hold off. Well, everyone—both fashionistas and novices—owns a pair of bulky sneakers these days. They effortlessly enhance each look and go with any ensemble. Since they have been there for some time, it appears that the indie youngsters have also accepted them.

While determining your style, you can choose from a variety of aesthetics

Vintage style

The retro style is not an exception to the rule that modern trends reemerge at some point in each decade. This aesthetic draws inspiration from a variety of eras, including band T-shirts from the 1960s, bellbottom jeans from the 1970s, a 80s color scheme, and styling from the 1990s. You can easily create a vintage-inspired outfit by combining some of your modern pieces with those from previous decades. It might be as easy as adding a bandana, a patterned shirt, high-waisted shorts, or a pair of retro sunglasses to your ensemble.

90's fashion

The modern reinvention of fashion from the 1970s through the 1990s gave rise to the 90s style. The retro aesthetic is prevalent in many different media, such as furniture, photography, and fashion. It exhibits creativity and uniqueness.

In the past, thrifting and wearing used clothing carried a negative reputation and made one appear to be impoverished. But during the past ten years, thrifting has grown in popularity. Saving money exploded as people started promoting recycling and sustainability. Reusing or repurposing old clothing has become popular among people who want to protect the environment. The 90s look grew clearer as thrifting gained popularity. Most people immediately picture outdated, oversized t-shirts with some rock band on them and baggy jeans when they think of thrifted clothing. Retro clothing falls within this category. Leather belts and oval or circular sunglasses with red or yellow lenses are two other retro-inspired accessories.

Academic style

Introducing the kinder, more feminine side of the academic aesthetic. The "academia" style has two subcultures, light and dark academia, which are influenced by prestigious universities like Yale and Oxford. Interests include boarding schools, museums, art galleries, and ancient books. Positive thinking and self-care are emphasized in the social aspects of light academic pursuits, such as hanging out at bakeries, bookstores, libraries, and cafés. Similar to cottage core, but with more of an emphasis on education. Everything revolves on life's pleasant and happy qualities. A few items that fan of light academia frequently wear is listed below:

Headbands, turtlenecks, twill jackets with ruffles, ruffled or knee-high socks, cardigans, jumpers, or sweaters with cables, dress shirts with buttons, and jumper vests.

Artistic style

This aesthetic is all about having a passion for painting, flowers, nature, and art. One of the main colors in this aesthetic is yellow, among other primary colors. Members of this aesthetic frequently wear colourful hair ties, mom jeans, graphic tees, and socks.

Indie style

Gen Z pushed up this subculture, and as we all know, anything Gen Z touches turns to gold. In 2019, TikTok gave it instant prominence. It gives the main character vitality because it is a subculture cantered on uniqueness and freedom. Given that the color palette isn't all that different but has softer, less vivid hues, it is comparable to the original Indie aesthetic of the 2000s. It primarily consists of outfits made up of one color. Typically, an indie kid would coordinate their accessories with their main colors. Jean/leather jackets, beanies, oversized tees, baggy pants, and bucket hats are a few essential components of this look. 


In the 1990s, icons like Missy Elliot, Christina Aguilera, and the well-known girl group Destiny's Child helped to popularize this image. Year Two Thousand is referred to as "Y2K." Like many good trends, it has reappeared and gained popularity on Instagram and TikTok. It has a distinctive look that combines fashion, hardware design, and upbeat music. Vivid colors and futuristic styling are key components of this aesthetic. Key fashion components of this look include baby tees, baguette bags, tied-front tops, velour tracksuits, and double-denim items.

It's fascinating to see how you develop your style through your choice of clothing. There are lots of aesthetic styles to choose from. Choose your style at bfab, online clothes shopping Qatar to stand out of the crowd.